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teen girl kidnapped tied to chair

Teen girl tied to chair

* I A-M S-E-R-I-O-U-S Y-O-U  R-E-T-A-R-D  M-O-M  T-I-E-D  M-E  T-O  T-H-I-S  C-H-A-I-R  I-N  M-Y  R-O-O-M  S-O  I  W-O-U-L-D  S-T-U-D-Y  H-E-L-P  M-E*  

irish teen bondage

Bound and gagged in Irish colors

”That was a fucking great St-Patrick’s this year. I was paying you drinks, you got drunk, you ended up in my car trunk and here you go… Bound and gag in Irish colors and...

young teen bondage cleave gagged

Young teen cleave gag

“Starting from now little slave, you stay gagged unless you are eating my pussy or sucking my husband dick. When you’ll be really good at it, maybe the rule will change. Good luck”  

blonde teen rope tied

Blonde teen rope tied

“I thought it was not the best use to rob until I got my hands on you. You could think you have nothing valuable to explain why you don’t lock the doors. But you...

teen blonde duct tape bondage

Days of captivity

Day 1 of captivity : I tied her to the bed with chains and handcuffs with a big ball gag in her mouth. Then… She spent six hours with a vibrator inside her and a...