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abducted sexy schoolgirls kidnapped

Abducted schoolgirls

“Technology made life so much easier. A few years ago a rapist would have had to be really well planned to abduct two sexy school girls like that. These days it’s easy. You broke...

milf bondage gif

Busty MILF bondage

[ GIF ] Two natural busty blonde MILFs struggling in rope bondage duct taped tits exposed.

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Face down ass up pussy exposed

Their cute butts were right below the windows, so no one suspected a thing. I got to watch my two kidnapped hotties bounce all the way back to the lair. I think I’ll keep...

petgirls in cage

Petgirls in a cage

A motivational speaker and a college student. Kidnapped, stripped, and ready to be sold to whatever psychopath wants to destroy them.