Taboo Forbidden Little Spanks Hot Romance


 Jack was my step-father. He met my mom about three years after mom and dad had completed their divorce. He was a rich guy and treated me like a little princess, and with only a little sweet smile I conned him into getting me anything I wanted. Standing in the kitchen I watched Jack come behind my mother and grab a nice big handful of her ass. Mum of course let out a cute little giggle and started rubbing up his crotch. There was something about my step-daddy no one knew except for me. I found out he had a tight little secret. It was only when I had to bring my step-dad’s phone into work for him as he left it on the kitchen table that’s when I found out.

I saw the close relationship daddy and his secretary had together the type of relationship that had her bent over the desk and her panties sitting neatly around her ankles. I never came into his work as I was usually at home studying at nightfall but offering a nice gesture to bring his phone in for him opened my eyes to the little secrets he was hiding. For some reason I couldn’t control myself I was staring and couldn’t look away, watching them together, I knew there was something about Jack my attractive step-father. The way he was sliding in and out of her was effortless and his cock seemed to penetrate her deeply. I was only nineteen but I wanted to fuck my older step-father and I wasn’t going to stop until I had him right where I wanted him. People might say I was attracted to his money but no it wasn’t that it was Jack himself. Don’t get me wrong Jack gave me anything I asked for but his money was simply not going to buy my silence this time, I wanted what she was getting. No I’m not a spoilt little brat, I just want what I want. Tonight was my nineteenth birthday celebration and I was ready.

Everyone was coming, I had organised a big party. I had to look my best so I grabbed a few of my close friends and headed out to get nails done, the hair curled, plus coloured and a spray tan. We got a few bottles of wine and organised them on some ice to chill with the glasses.

The party was going to be bigger than I had planned as a few friends were rocking up with boyfriends, and other friends of friends to join. Things were looking good, a few boys were very good lookers and nice muscles, toned tanned skin. As much as I looked at and admired them no one seemed to compare to my billionaire stepdad Jack. There were many times after Jack had moved in with us that I would think about him in different ways that I shouldn’t. One compulsion I had was watching Jack and undressing him in my head, it was an addiction. To be honest it boils down to I wanting a fling with my rich step-daddy, I wanted him inside me real bad.

It was my birthday and I made a promise to myself that tonight was the night. I was going to seduce my step-daddy and he had to comply or his dirty little secret would come out in front of everyone and I was he didn’t want that to happen, I’m sure.


I was nervous, I was a virgin but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. It was going to be daddy that was going to pop my little cherry and he should approve, after all it was better losing my virginity to someone trusting than a stranger. I was dragging my step-daddy to bed and ripping his clothes off whether he was ready or not. I asked Jack to take me to the shop for more supplies this was to put my little plan into action. I flirted with him on the way and walked in front of him in a sexy manner that allowed my arse cheeks to sway. Smiling at Jack I could tell he also thought of me in a different way than just a step-daughter. Wearing my tight little denim jeans and a very revealing top there was no way Jack could say no to the temptation. I had brought a lollipop from the shop and used it to start my seducing. I started sucking on that lollipop like it was a huge man’s cock. I pushed it down my throat and pulled it out again. I knew Jack was struggling not to look at me, pretending he was looking out the window but I wasn’t silly. He would soon be craving my sweet tongue and I was happy to give it to him.

I could start to see his cock bulge in his pants and I knew his thoughts were thinking about my tongue wrapping around his cock. I was letting a little dribble out of my mouth then using my tongue to lick it up. When we finally ended up back at the party no one had noticed I had gone and Mum was already really drunk and not paying attention to what was going on. I was going to teach step-daddy a lesson that fucking the assistant was wrong but I had a feeling he was going to enjoy this punishment.


I told a few friends I had to go and organise some more entertainment which was bullshit but I couldn’t admit what I was really doing, they just wouldn’t understand and be too judgemental. They would even think it’s about how rich my Jack was when it was not about that. Jack was in the back garage organising drinks, I strutted up to him and leaned over the bench so my rack was creating the best cleavage no one could resist. My rack was nearly falling out of my top but I don’t think Jack minded one bit at all, in fact he encouraged it by the look on his face. When we got back to the house mum had already had too much drink and went to have a sleep this was good, a perfect opportunity. I had a few quick chats with my friends then I explained I had to go off and organise a few things for the live entertainment I had booked earlier. I lied straight to their faces but I couldn’t say I was going to try and seduce Jack now could I? I found him in the kitchen cutting up kabana and cheese putting it into little serving dishes he had a good touch for detail. I did hope he had good touch when it came to rubbing up pussy and making it purr. I strutted into the kitchen and leant over the counter top in such a way my tits were so squeezed together they were falling out of my top for him again. I didn’t mind and I’m quite sure Jack enjoyed  staring down the smooth young busty hollow between my breasts as it exposed out my low-cut top. I sucked on my finger as I talked to him motioning I had a big juicy cock in my mouth.

I studied his facial expression, he wanted me even I could see that. We were alone in that kitchen and I took advantage of that. I slid in closer to Jack and I let my hands fall to his pants zipper where I unzipped it and let my hand wander in. His big seven inch hard raging cock started to pulse when I took hold of it and started to tug. He smiled at me and I could see the enjoyment in his face.  I was about to get down and dirty with Jack when I heard someone coming. Mum walked in pretty tipsy she was laughing a lot. She asked Jack and I to go and get some more snacks from the shop. Jack had, had a few drinks so we thought it was safer to walk it was only down the road.

I gladly offered to go with Jack to help carry some of the things back. I really wanted to tell her I wanted to go and help his erection blow a load.


The walk back from the shop was quiet but I knew he had a sexual urge to dominate me in every way imaginable and let me admit I was horny for it. Once we got back to the house we went separate ways but not for long. I sent Jack a message telling him to meet me in the attic. About five minutes later he opened the door and stood there staring at me, “So what did you want, why are we in the attic?

I moved closer to him, “Well Jack it’s like this I’m hot and horny and I want you to help me out”. Moving even closer I could see his pants were slowly rising he wanted me bad. He stepped back as I leaned in towards him,

“You aren’t denying that raging cock in your pants are you Jack?” Still moving towards him this time he didn’t step back instead he sat down in the old arm chair. Grabbing my arm with a tight grip he pulled me down onto him. Lifting my skirt he then spanked my bare arse until it was red raw.

“Is this the way you like to punish your step-daughter Jack?”

He hit me harder and I was so turned on right now I started to feel flushed, hot, and sweaty. He was spanking me like a bad girl and fuck I wanted that dick in me. He bent down and started to gently bite my arse cheeks,

“Please daddy don’t make me suck your thick cock”.

He rolled me over onto my back still lying across his knee.

“You’ve been a bad little girl and now you’ve got to think about what you’ve done”. He roughly slid my panty halfway down my thighs, he purposely made sure I felt his thumb being hauled down between the soft skin of my thighs. He then quickly slid my panties back up, stretched the waistband away from my ass, lowered his face to my ass and then spat on the cheek. He used his thumb to trail his warm spit down to my ass cheek. Oh fuck! It turned me on and made me so hot, I felt my heart racing in my chest and my heart quickened at his wet and rough touch on my virgin body. He let go of the elastic waistband of my panty and it slapped my ass with a slight sting. My nipples grew harder and my young little pussy wet. He then gently slid me off his lap and I started licking my lips sexier than ever before he got his pants down.

Pulling his mighty sword out I couldn’t believe the size I think it was actually bigger than seven inches and I knew this cock was going to break my little pussy in two.

“Go on my little girl take it how you want it, you wanted to tease me now you’ve got what you wanted”.

He pushed my head down towards his manhood and I knew I was going to gag on this one. As I gripped it with my glossy red lips I let the cock slide all the way down my throat. I started to gag, it was bigger than I thought but once I got the motion flowing turns out I could handle this pocket rocket.

“ Daddy I think about you all the time and then I start playing with myself and it’s you I think about when I’m Cumming.

This made his cock twitch he took a handful of my hair in his hands and held tight. Pulling my locks tight as his cock was sliding down my tongue. I could feel the tightness he was close to Cumming.

“Sweetness all good girls swallow you should know that”. I wasn’t going to disappoint him.

I tongued his knob roughly and swaddled his balls in my hands then he pushed his slong right down my throat and I could feel the nectar running over my moist tongue and down my begging throat. He was nice and sweet with a little saltiness. Jack started patting my head, “Good little girl I’m impressed”.

I watched his eyes turn to my tits I knew he wanted my top off. Starting to slide the top over my head I turned my back to Jack and asked him to remove my bra, but only if he promised to give me a pearl necklace.  Its tradition really that dads should give their girls a pearl necklace for keep sake purposes.

He didn’t say a word but he willingly unhooked my bra and let it fall at his feet. He picked it up and studied it, smelt it intensely then threw it across the room and motion with one finger for me to sit on his lap.


I obeyed I always did as I was told.

I sat on his lap and he took my tits in his hands smelt them, sucked them and asked if he could fuck them.

I wasn’t going to say no as long as I had that cock’s full attention I didn’t care what daddy did to me.

We kissed long and hard before he started caressing my boobs with his tongue. I leaned up over him and got my tits in perfect position ready for his thick cock.

He watched my face as he started pulling and tweaking my nipples it turned me on and in no time my nipples were harder and more erect than ever.

I pushed my nipples together a little bit but much wasn’t needed I was a young college student who had perky uplifted tits.

Jack ran his cock in and out of my tits and the slow motion felt good. I followed his rhythm moving along with him.

He kissed my shoulders and bit my ear lobe hungrily,

“Fuck my tits daddy fuck them like I’ve been a bad girl.”

He fucked them fast and I nearly fell over backwards. My pussy was feeling hot if he could fuck my tits like this imagine what he could do to my pussy. My clit was swollen so stiff and pink now.

I opened my mouth as to be ready for when his member exploded. It shot out real fast, landed right on my neck line and sliding down over my shoulder and down in between my cleavage.

I ran my index finger through my cleavage then licked my finger clean. I loved daddy’s taste.

“Please baby girl put your mouth around my hard juicy cock”.

“Anything for you daddy”. I cupped his cock in my mouth and I sucked daddy until I was given a reward.

I rubbed the cum along his ball sack where I then dragged my tongue down his shaft and hummed on his balls. The taste was thrilling daddy sure knew how to impress his loving stepdaughter.

I wanted to fuck him; I wanted him to fuck me. Daddy suggested we make our faces known downstairs before someone questions where we were, especially mum.

This was ok but I was so horny I just wanted to fuck him right there and then. I got up got dressed and started kissing him but he soon pushed me away and said later, at least he didn’t say no.


I was really wet as I walked down the stairs mum greeted me at the bottom followed by Jack. She stared and asked what we were doing in the attic, I thought quick,

“Well I thought about sharing some pictures might be some old photos of when I was a baby that I could share with everyone here and I asked Jack to help lift the heavy boxes”. Jack and I just stared at mum she smiled and walked away thank god she bought it.

I went outside and talked with a few people but couldn’t take my eyes off Jack. I had a few more drinks on the rocks and texted him again.

He texted back meet me in the summer house I was already wet in my pants. The thought of him always made my pussy wet.

I slowly made my way to the summer house without looking obvious I slipped through the door and waited for Jack. I was so horny I glided my fingers up my skirt and started feeling my wet, slippery cunt.

Jack opened the Door and slipped in and straight away we were making out so fast, so dirty. I ripped off his shirt and before I knew it my bra and g were laying on the floor.

I got down on all fours and told him to take me from behind. I knew he was admiring my tight young arse. He pulled at my hips as I backed up into him. His sphere slid straight into me and the pressure I felt with him breaking my hymen and the pain sent me into an orgasm. I rolled my eyes in pleasure as that older cock fucked me pussy good.

I was a tight girl but I stretched wide for Jack. He pulled my legs apart and I was able to spread them so easy for him, wanting more.

He pushed in further penetrating me deep where my moans filled the air in and out he thrusted furiously. Before he came he swooped me up on the floor and pushed me against the wall. His fingers pulled at my short clip lips and he began hitting the top of my pussy hood with his hard cock.

I wanted him inside me; I widened my legs and grabbed his cock. I worked it up a little before fitting it inside me, Jack was so big and I was pleased to call him daddy.

He started thrusting and I knew he was close to exploding inside me. Pulling his cock out I continued to wank him letting his juice squirt all over me. I turned around and pushed my arse towards him, remembering how good it felt when he spanked my arse, I said,

“Daddy please spank me”.

He hit my tight little arse hard shotting my arousal to the maddening peak.

“I’ll do more than spank you, you naughty little girl”. I giggled and he slowly pierced a finger into my knot. I was shocked and it felt a little uncomfortable but let me tell you once he got a good work up I was moaning like a motherfucker. I had never been fingered in my arse before and I’m glad my daddy was the first one to do it. He held my arse in his hands like a bowling ball as his thick fingers fucked away. I kept moving my arse on his fingers to make sure he didn’t stop until I was finished. Our clutch broke free when we heard mum calling me. I don’t think I had ever got dressed so fast in my life before.

Watching out the window when she was out of sight I slipped out the door and came right up behind her, “Mum were you calling me?”

“Yes where have you been?”

I looked at my feet quickly thinking of the perfect no fail excuse.

“Well I went for a little walk to clear my head bit too much alcohol but I’m feeling fine now”.

Another lie she totally believed.

“Sweetie would you have seen Jack at all darling?”

I just told her that I had seen him up at the house getting a drink. We walked back up there together and there was Jack talking to a small group of people. Mum walked over to him and he grabbed her arse and smacked it. I

watched from behind I didn’t like him touching her arse I wanted his hands on mine.

They hugged but over mums shoulder Dad gave me the sexiest smile then a wink. I walked away I didn’t want to watch mum all over him knowing what we have been doing.

A few minutes later Jack came up behind me and tapped my shoulder.

“Did you get a little bit envious? I know you did”.

“Yes I did daddy I’m so horny for you and I don’t want to see you all being dirty with mum.”

I think he enjoyed hearing those words, turning him on a little bit more, even though he wasn’t my blood dad, me calling him that in a sexual tone was a huge turn on for him. I noticed a bulge rising in his pants.

Picking up a strawberry I sucked the chocolate off it like it was a hard juicy cock that I was so badly craving.

With my innocent eyes I continually blinked at Jack with I asked him to meet me on the top deck where I told him I would help him reach his peak.

Walking away I had a chat with a few friends then I headed up to the top deck with my drink.

I found Jack already waiting there. We locked the door from the outside and pulled the blind down.

My pussy was hungry for daddy’s cock.

I had already started feeling myself up when Jack sat on the old chair and watched patiently.

His eyes watched my legs in which I had spread so wide he had a clean view of my butt. I could tell he liked what he saw. I started gnawing at my bottom lip and looked at him intensely.

I pulled at my clit lips and he motioned me a kiss, “That’s my girl”. He said ever so nicely.

I was happy he named me his special little girl.

Jack’s fingers started to roam my wet pussy, I felt so dirty.

I ripped off his remaining clothes and got on the floor and begged him to take my pussy from behind.

As Jack kneeled down behind me at first, taking in the view of my delicate tight pussy eagerly waiting for him.

I backed my hips backwards and let his sphere ride strait inside me and the pressure hit me hard.

I had always fantasized about an older man’s cock inside my pussy, breaking my barrier walls.

I had a very tight pussy but that didn’t stop Jack’s 7 inches from stretching me wide.

Jack pushed in even further letting the moans escape and fill the air, I felt him pop my cherry and the enjoyment started.

Jack started to thrust furiously and I knew it was pure enjoyment for him.

Jack swooped me quickly up and gently pushed me gently against the wall.

His hands were pulling on my short clit lips and his hard cock was teasing my pussy hood.

I was proud to be calling him daddy.

His thrusting was increasing he was close to exploding everywhere inside me, I quickly pulled his cock out and jerked him until his juice ended up squirting all over me.

“Spank me daddy, hard”.

Daddy didn’t hesitate he spanked my arse hard then pushed a finger inside my knotted balloon.

I felt the pressure, then I felt the complete finger inserted into me, this was the first time I had experienced this and I was happy it was my step-daddy that did it for me.

Once I was working up my juices I began moaning like an animal.

His thick fingers fuck away inside me as he inserted his pinkie finger into my pussy hood.

I think those words turned him on a little bit more and I noticed a bulge rising in his pants.

Picking up a strawberry I sucked the chocolate off it like it was a hard juicy cock that I was so badly craving.

My pussy was still so hungry.

Jack pulled out a few strawberries from his pocket and I begged him, “Please daddy suck the strawberries out of my little cock pocket. But that’s yet another story…

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