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The weather around campus was a little bit hot and Katrina was forced to go out to the swimming pool since the air conditioner didn’t seem to do much to contain their situation. Katrina was one of those girls who always wore their hair in a ponytail and weren’t high on socializing. Despite the fact that she always wanted to get one of those gorgeous boys playing in the football team, mingling was still one of those things that she just needed some time to figure out or else nothing epic was ever going to happen.

Thankfully, Katrina had met an extrovert friend, her best friend, Pauline. As soon as Pauline was done with the registration procedure, she made it a point to go out there and socialize as much as she possibly could. And at the end of the day, it did pay off in a very big way.

“Are you sure these invitations are ours or did you just proceed to filch them.” She raised an eyebrow, “I know I haven’t known you for a long time but the little time we’ve spent together has given me inkling of whom I’m dealing with.” Katrina laughed at her best friend.

“I know you do have your own reservations when it comes to me. But trust me, I’ve made all the necessary connections with the necessary people. You should be thanking me since we will be attending all of the most exclusive parties on campus.”

Katrina was really finding it difficult to believe her best friend. But from the look of things, it seemed as though Pauline had more or less simplified all of her problems and that was virtually each and every single thing that bothered her. I guess they were right when they said that the end will always justify the means.

“Ok, so let’s say you have worked out your magic and we have been invited to this incredibly cool party. What are we supposed to do?”

“Well, we need to attend.”

Katrina took some time to evaluate her question. It was a really stupid one. And that only happened when she was a little bit nervous. Yes, she wanted to have the best boys around. But the biggest problem was making sure that she wasn’t going to freak out. So she brainstormed for another logical question any responsible nervous person would ask.

“So, where and when will this incredible party be taking place?”

“Now that is the kind of question that you are supposed to be asking me. The location of the party hasn’t been disclosed yet. They said something about having to disclose the whole thing a couple of hours to the event. That will make sure that only the coolest of the bunch make it.”

Katrina couldn’t really believe it. She was finally among the coolest bunch and that alone made her entire body shiver. She had been masturbating in the shower while thinking and imagining just how incredible it would be to be fucked by Stephen or Darien, two of the hottest guys on campus. And now her best friend Pauline had made it so that she could actually party with one of these guys, surely, one of them or both should be there.

“I know you are a little bit nervous. But I assure you, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. As a matter of fact, it would be a little bit easier now for you to get any guy you want since you have all it takes.”

“Really Pauline? That’s really nice of you.” Katrina said, blushing.

“C’mon Katrina, the last thing I would ever want to do to you is lie. So here is the entire plan, we will need to go shopping. Oh, and you will also have to lose those geeky glasses.”

“But I can’t see without them.”

“Good thing we live in the twenty first century. There is this incredible thing called contacts. They will get you all sorted out. Save the thick rimmed glasses attached together with duct tape for those long hours in the library, which haven’t started yet.”

Pauline was right about Katrina. She was drop dead gorgeous. But she just hid all that beauty in the buggy outfits just like her round blue eyes were made inconspicuous by her thick rimmed glasses. Thankfully, Pauline had a stylist fetish and she made sure that she used her expertise as well as experience to make things incredibly amazing for her friend.

It was Wednesday, which was just enough time that Pauline wanted to prepare Katrina for the shopping and take care of her rough edges before they hit the party. Pauline had a huge hunch that most likely the party was going to happen on the weekend. On the other end, that actually meant that Katrina was going to be nervous for the entire week. But the good thing was that Pauline was always there to offer her both comfort as well as assurance.

Two weeks had past, and it seemed the girls were ditched. They got no text about any party. They both felt really terrible. They barely talked to each other. The whole thing had dampened their mood for the two weeks.

Katrina didn’t say it, but she figured, it was nothing but a lie, Pauline had made all the stuff up. Oh, what a best friend.


 “Got it! Got it!” Pauline yelled.

“Got what?” Katrina asked very surprised by Pauline’s frantic outburst.

“I got the text message for where the party is going to be at . We need to start preparing. I’m so psyched about this.” Pauline said, still very frantic while staring at her phone like an excited teenager who had just received a kissy face emoji from her crush.

“Got what?” Katrina asked again a bit oblivious but equally frantic about her best friend’s excitement.

“You remember the invitation to the party that I was very busy yapping about? The kind of invitation that you never thought would be possible? We just got invited.”

“Shut up!” Katrina said, her eyes growing wide and getting even more excited than Pauline.

“And guess what? All of the football players will be there. So we need to start our preparations since we only got four hours to go.”

“Four hours!?”

“Yes, only four. That’s how they do it.”

 That was the last thing that she needed to hear. But what? Four hours? There was absolutely no way Katrina was ever going to be ready for anything in just four hours. Firstly, she needed to have a makeover which normally took her ages unless her mom intervened. Thankfully, Pauline was there and being the expert that she had proven herself to be, that wasn’t going to take up so much time.

“Are you sure this is a good thing?”

“Don’t tell me you are having second thoughts… are you?”

It seemed Katrina was having second thoughts. But that look of disappointment that was splattered all over her friend’s face made her feel a little guiltier than she was supposed to. She wasn’t supposed to be having such a run with luck only to bail the last minute.

“I’m just doubtful. I don’t think I am going to hack it.”

Pauline got hold of her hand and squeezed them as tightly . Katrina always loved it when her friend showed that she was very concerned about her. It felt as though Katrina’s doubts just varnished in a second.

“Look, I know you are a little bit scared. Interacting with a new crowd is always a challenge. But I promise that you’re going to love each and every single bit of it. You will be thanking me as soon as the party is over.”

Katrina regained some confidence, she felt a bit more assured and didn’t really have much doubts now. And now the only thing that remained was making sure that she rose to the occasion.

“So what do we do next?”

That was the question Pauline wanted to hear all along and needless to say, she couldn’t help a smile. She pulled her makeup kit from her drawer and asked Katrina to hit the shower before she did her make-up.


In the shower, Katrina slid out her panties in nervous thought, she couldn’t stop thinking about how she was supposed to survive in the party. Honestly, it had been a minute before she even attended a party. It crossed her mind, what if, just what if, one of the guys approached her tonight. How far would they go?

And just like that, the thought of the well toned, naked guys started flooding into her mind as she took that slow, warm bath. Imagining hands all over her body, not just one, more than one guy, two or three of them. It was a dirty fantasy that she couldn’t share with anyone, not even her best friend, Pauline. This was one of the most erotic sensations that she’s ever felt and for a moment, Katrina felt the erotic sensation that she knew only too well engulfed her entire body. This was incredible since it had been a while before she had that feeling.

The warm water didn’t help. Katrina found herself sneaking a finger in between her legs and started playing with her pussy while one hand was supporting her against the tiled bathroom wall. Since Katrina wasn’t really good at getting boys to fuck her, she spent most of her time fingering herself and enjoyed pleasing herself, she knew exactly how to rub her clit and exactly how to use both hooked fingers to smoothly comb against her sensitive g-spot to orgasm.

To be honest, she needed to finger her tight pussy to take off some of that steam. The last thing she needed at the moment was going to a party filled with the hottest guys around campus and getting wet after a simple dance. Besides, Katrina didn’t really want to disappoint Pauline and be a party-spoiler, not after every single thing that she had done to get her to that opportunity.

While she was imagining that her finger was Darien, Katrina accidentally brushed her finger against her swollen clitoris and that alone made her whim and quivered. The clit was so swollen that it peeped out of its hood, calling her, begging her to touch it, rub it, please her and now she was left with no other choice but to satisfy with it. Katrina made circular motions with her finger on the tip of the clit and this sent waves of erotic sensation all through her body, causing her eyes to roll back.

After pleasing her clit for a moment or two, Katrina shifted her attention to her tight vagina and inserted a finger. The tickly sensation of her finger going up her hole made her cringe a little. This was the hottest thing that had happened to her in a while. At first, she thought she was going to faint as the pleasure that arose at the tip of finger being pushed inside of her pussy and the warm water falling all over her skin, hitting against her stiff sensitive and taut nipples was becoming unbearable.

But she knew deep down that she had a mission to finish all of this in a very incredible orgasm. Katrina always loved having the clear, sticky vagina fluid flowing all over her thighs to the legs. And in the shower she was wetter than ever before.

Katrina bit on the underside of her lower lip while she added another finger inside her pussy. She had to be quiet about masturbating, she didn’t want to be caught by her friend. On the verge she almost peaked in a scream, she caught herself, realizing her friend was still there and the dual act of restraining her screams while feeling the orgasm wrecking every inch of her body, only multiplied the quaking power of the orgasm rolling through her body.  The sweet pleasure was just too much, she sunk her fingers deeper into her pussy, withdrew and slammed them back in greedily, slammed them inside her deep, real deep, both wet slippery fingers up to her last knuckles, withdrew them and then slammed them back into her pussy over and over, so fast, so hard so deep. She yelped and immediately plastered her hand over her wide open mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure her knees shaking under her, the warm water pattering all over her skin and the sole of her feet feeling wet and slippery against the smooth bathroom tiles. Her friend must have heard her she thought, she swung her eyes to the bathroom entrance, watching if in any second her Pauline would come

inside the bathroom to find out what the noise was about. Now she was in frantic hurry to orgasm before Pauline enter. Her fingers were soaked and felt so smooth deep stroking into her own pussy. She could feel her cum coming building from the very tip of her toes, she curled her toes, pressing against the wet tiles.  Her eyes rolled over and she felt weak, about slip and fall, her orgasm making her quiver even so much more powerful because of haste mixed with risk of being caught by her friend, who was just outside. It wasn’t that her best friend would mind, but there were some things that Katrina was more than comfortable having as her dirty little secret. Fucking herself was one.

 Her orgasm erupted through her in a massive flood. Her breathing rough and short, her fingers moving faster, faster, her heart pounding hard. It was the best orgasm in the whole world. The erotic sensation that emanated from her fingering was so intense that she lost it completely, squirting all over the floor, some shooting onto the bathroom’s wall. Katrina felt her pussy walls contracting and her thighs trembling. It was a sensation that she knew only too well.  The sweet aftermath after a super orgasm. The pulse in her pussy slowly faded to quiet and her breathing was coming back to normal.


“Are you ready for your make-up?” Pauline asked, blinking as frantically as she possibly could.

At that point, Katrina didn’t really know what to tell her. Pauline had been working on her face for over an hour. Pauline wasn’t allowed to look at the mirror to see how the process was taking place.

“I don’t know what to say, can you just hand me the mirror already? I’m not good with suspense. You know my heart is fragile.” Katrina complained. And yes, she wasn’t really good with suspense. It made her head ache.

Pauline didn’t hand her the mirror immediately. But from the look on her face, Katrina could tell that she was indeed pleased with the finished look. That made Katrina breath a little more with ease. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Pauline handed her the mirror and she quickly looked at her transformation. As soon as Katrina looked in the mirror her jaws dropped to the floor. She was a totally different person.

Her hair which was usually tied in a ponytail was now straightened, and flowing down to her shoulders. She clearly loved how her hair had been coiffured. Her ugly, thick rimmed glasses that she paradoxically loved so much were now gone. And her face was more beautiful than she could remember. Katrina almost cried, but Pauline had to stop her as soon as she suspected a tear was going to run down that freshly done cheek.

“Nope! No tears! I don’t want you to ruin the makeup that I almost broke my back standing so that I could get it perfect. But I totally understand why you are so emotional… you look so beautiful… you’ve always been beautiful.”

“Thank you so much! ”

“Ok, enough of all these unnecessary feelings. Its about that time we head out to the party.”

“I agree, totally.”

To Katrina’s surprise, it only took Pauline a couple of minutes to get her own make up done and she was ready, all good to go. They were both in matching red dresses that brought out their tantalizing cleavages. They walked out of the house hand in hand to attend one of the most coveted parties on campus.

“Hey, we should go ahead and take a selfie. I think this is one moment that will be cherished for years to come.” Pauline said.

The two paused as Katrina took out her iPhone and click a couple of pics for the “gram”. Instagram had become a thing and no wonder all the beaus were making sure to look their best .

Katrina was clearly nervous even though she didn’t want to show it. Pauline always grabbed her hand and squeezed it as if it was some sort of reassurance. She knew that they were going to do just fine and that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. She had been in such parties before and she knew that after a couple of drinks, her best friend was going to loosen up and most definitely have the time of her life.


The house wasn’t very far from their hostel, it was only right outside the campus gate , a huge and outstanding mansion. From the look of things, the person who was kind enough to throw that invite-only party was pretty wealthy, or at least they were from a family of means. The two girls took some time to just admire the whole building without uttering a single word.

“Now, Let me just say this, I want you to be as brave as you can, ok? There might be somethings inside that you may be seeing for your first time.”

“Some things?” Her eyes became huge with a scared curiosity, “What things?”

As she waited for an answer she made a slow worrisome gulp. “What thing?!” She asked in a louder and sterner tone than before. “Look, I need to know what I’m getting myself into before . .  .”

“Will you stop being such a God Damn worry-baby for once in your life! Pssh . . . Just live a little already.”

It was almost as if Katherine felt a little bit guilty for already spoiling the vibe before they even stepped through the door of the party. Her angry swollen chest quietly deflated to a calm.

“Ok, Ok, Let’s do this. I’m ready.” Katherine said, trying to regain her womanhood and her cool.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Pauline asked.

Katrina took a deep breath before finally answering.

“I was born ready.”

“Good. Then welcome to the house of decadence.”

The name sounded a little off. To Katrina, it felt as though it had been lifted from a porn book she once read somewhere. But that was not the issue here, she had made a solemn promise to act cool and mingle even though  there was still a  whispering thought deep inside her telling her to take a U-turn and make a dash towards the cab which was pulling away from the gigantic driveway. Why am I always such a coward she negotiated with herself and tried to sure no sign of any doubt in her countenance.

Finally they rang the doorbell and was greeted by  Matt, Katrina blushed, he had on no shirt, just his jammies bottom. They slowly entered the house, slowly eyeing everything and everyone.

There were some cute guys hanging by the veranda drinking as they checked out the hot girls who were making their way into the living room where the real party had been set up. It was around nine in the evening and it was only a matter of minutes right before the party begun and everyone was excited. Sober, but excited. That was the sign that this wasn’t just another stupid party.

Katrina managed to remain cool, no pretense, she was finally at ease.

A couple of minutes later a guy came over to where the girls were standing and smiled. Pauline seemed to know just what it took to get connected. The guys smiled and picked Pauline up in a warm, long embrace while he grabbed her ass in a seductive manner. Now everything made sense. While Katrina was still wasting her time with the orientation bullcrap, Pauline was already handpicking the cutest football players.

“And who is this fine girl you brought with you?”

“Oh, forgive my drunkenness. This is Katrina Holland, my roommate and best friend.”

“Well, it’s an honor to finally meet you Katrina. Pauline has told us a lot about you. And to be honest, you look sexier than she made us think.”

“Thank you… and you are?” Katrina asked with the well-mannered tone she could get out there.

“My name is Brad. I actually came down here to get you guys to the more exclusive party upstairs.”

Now this was a little bit intriguing. Katrina had no idea that the exclusive party had another more exclusive party, and they of all the cools girls from the college were invited in. She was starting to feel a little bit weird about being so freaking special.

“What are the rules of tonight by the way?” Pauline asked.

“Oh,” he replied casually, “No more the three guys.”

“Mhmm.” Katrina said in some sort of acknowledgement but not impressed. What the hell are they talking about? Katrina wondered. What rules? What three guys? The night was getting stranger and stranger by the minute. Now, her instinct was to pull her friend on the side and ask her if it was a good idea to go ahead and do that, but when she stared, Brad had his groping hand over Pauline’s round ass with his talon fingers grabbing on her juicy butt.

That looked so sexy that Katrina stared for a moment without blinking. In fact, it was Brad’s baritone voice that brought her back to reality. He was talking about something to do with going upstairs and Katrina just nodded. But she had to finish her second glass so as to keep a clear head. She had a weird feeling that she was going to experience something very different once she went upstairs.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Come along.” Pauline said with that signature smile on her beautifully titivated face. It was hard to say no when Pauline made a request with that smile on her face, not even the stubborn Katrina could do so easily.

Maybe it was sheer anticipation but the stairs seemed as if it was going all the way to heaven. After a while, Katrina realized that she was the one who was rather too high. But even though that was the case, Katrina had that feeling that she was going to have a great time at this party.

Brad and Pauline were still grabbing on each other when a door at the end of the hallway opened up and a couple of guys in their boxers came out with an empty case of beer. They looked a little more drunk than Katrina was.

“Hey Brad, you’re missing out bro!”

“I was only gone for a couple of minutes.” Brad replied.

“Oh, ok. My bad.” One of the guys said.

Ok, to say the other guys were a little tipsy was clearly an understatement. They were on a whole other level. The guys whisked past them with the empty kegs probably going for a refill. Brad opened the door which was ajar and what Katrina saw as she stepped in made her jaws drop in surprise.


There were about five naked guys and three naked girls doing shots of tequila in the bedroom. From the look of things, it looked as though they were fresh from an orgy and they were taking a breather before going in on another session. Katrina’s felt dubious at first but seeing how comfortable Pauline was strangely made her a bit more comfortable within herself.

Besides, she was a little bit curious about the whole thing since the only place she had seen such was in a porn movie. Secretly she always wanted to know what it was to have sex with multiple partners fucking her like there’s no tomorrow. Cocks penetrating her for all angles, making out with couples, she had all these dirty fantasies and had no idea that one day it would be a reality. That one day is now.

“Today you will observe a bit. But if you guys like what you see, then you’ll get to relish your own encounter next time.”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Katrina said just after draining her glass of whiskey and asking for an immediate refill.

Pauline didn’t waste any more time, she stripped down and Brad did the same right before they started kissing and touching all over each other greedily. Though it was the first time for Katrina to check this out, she knew that she was going to love it since her body temperature started rising as soon as Pauline and Brad started kissing and touching, just watching them make out right next to her so close was an extreme turn on for her, one that she never imagined would’ve ever made her so hot.

All the others just looked on as they went on with their erotic advances and from the look of things, it seemed to be turning them all on. Brad was confident as he was sexy, and for a moment, Katrina felt a little bit guilty since she was checking out her best friend’s guy. She knew he wasn’t Pauline’s boyfriend though for that she would have known, she deduced that they must have been fuckbuddies, if there was anything of that sort.

Brad whipped out his hard swollen cock, Pauline knelt immediately and he swiped the pink underside of the head on Pauline’s lower lip. Smearing her lipstick to the corner edges to her mouth. Pauline could not withstand the tease. His warm heavy cock pressing against her lip made her tongue salivated. Hungrily, she claimed him into the warmth of her mouth. She wanted to in turn tease him by only sucking on the broadened head but she was so horny and had such an oral fiend for his cock that she couldn’t hold back herself from taking it deep into her throat. She opened her mouth and sucked on the entire length, loving the feel the hard stiff cock filling inside her mouth.

Brad was trying as much as possible to keep calm but her tongue, wet mouth and sucking was sending incredible waves of pleasure through him that he couldn’t keep cool. He moaned a little as his abs stiffened then bit on his lower lip. The twists in his face said it all, the pleasure was unbearable.

Brad put his strong hands on her head, fingers combing strongly through the sides of her hair and grabbing a bit into her hair from both sides of her face. He watched as his majestic cock ran in and out of Pauline’s lipsticked mouth. From a distance. Pauline’s pussy was already dripping and she felt herself reacting, a sharp pulsing twitch at her clit with a string like tug. Every twitched her clit made she felt wetter and wetter.

Katrina looked around the room, all the other guys were busy stroking their hardened cocks as they watched the two pleasured each other.

Pauline cupped his balls and toyed with them as she sucked on him. A tall guy from the room came over to them both and spanked Pauline’s ass as she sucked on Brad.

She gave out a surprise, “Uh!” from the spank with Brad’s cock still in her mouth it came out a bit muffled and she felt that her moans were sending vibrations through Brad’s cock. She playfully bit on his cock and he tightened the grip in the side of her hair.

She loved his rough grip, she loved the stinging spanks against her ass cheeks. She was getting wetter than ever now and everyone was watching.

“Uh . . . uh . . . uh!” she sweetly moaned on Brad’s cock with every strike as each sent a sharp wave of delicious pain rippling through her body. Hearing herself making the “UH!!” moan with every strike actually turned her on even more and she started to sound even sexier each time. Now she wanted more. She pulled Brad’s cock out of her mouth, it was all wet and spitty, she looked back over her shoulder and said,

“Harder, harder please.”

A dark hair guy sitting on the couch stopped stroking his cock, launched off the couch, still holding his cock in hand and went over to Pauline’s already reddening ass. He spanked the other cheek more cruelly than the taller guy did. Pauline enjoyed the heat travelling beneath the skin of her ass as he spanked her. As the taller guy continued to spank her mildly on the other cheek, her mouth went agape to both men spanking her. She cried out,

“Fuck my mouth hard Brad, fuck my throat.”

On saying that she felt the dark hair guy sunk his fingers on both of her ass cheeks and was prying her cheeks apart roughly. She then began to feel the rooms temperature on her asshole. She anticipated that he was about to penetrate her. He didn’t.

He lowered his face down on her and the next thing she heard was him spitting in her asshole, followed a simultaneous hit of the forceful wind he spat into her ass and splash of wet spit.

The rough lewdness of the dark hair guy was turning her on so much, she bit her lower lip and let out a long, satisfied breath. The dark hair guy closed back her ass cheeks with the wet spit still in between them and walked away. She felt empty, his dominating presence aroused her the most and now he had left, leaving her feeling a bit empty even with, kneeling over between the other two guys.

She didn’t know what to expect next, she still haven’t been penetrated yet. She returned to sucking Brad and slapping his cock on her tongue. She felt him began to tremble in her hands, his cock pulsing and she knew what that meant. She took him deeper inside her mouth and bobbed her head faster, harder and more rigorous, determined to get him off in her mouth, that’s when she felt the taller guy, parting her ass cheek and popping his thumb inside her asshole. She yelped and immediately Brad was cumming inside her throat with her asshole plugged by a thumb.

She began rubbing on her pussy as the warm cum slipped over her tongue and she swallowed him. He tasted a bit salty.

“She’s touching herself,” A strapping guy from over the couch said, while hopping over the back of the couch, “time for me to get a piece of her tight pussy.”

It was Ken. Pauline looked over to Katrina and it seemed as if she wanted to join in. However the plan was bringing Katrina and since it was her first time, they didn’t want her to have such a rough first day. Katrina could tell from the look of things Pauline had a couple of encounters before since everyone seemed to know and stared at her less than they were staring at Katrina.

Ken wasted no time, he took the taller guy from behind her and dipped his hand underneath her naked soaking crotch, searching for the entrance of her cunt. He too was a bit rough as he searched.

As his hand slipped up and down by her hole it became slick with her juices as he searched. He stuck a finger in as he held his cock and took a small step closer positioning himself behind her. He slipped another finger in her hole, sunk both fingers deep. Pauline moaned from the stretch, her entrance feeling the stretch more than anywhere else, it burned sweetly and that’s when he rammed his cock into her along with his two fingers. Her hole was stretched so wide, so quickly, she screamed,

“Oh God No! That feels so fucking good!”

As she looked back over her shoulder at him, she saw the dark hair guy walking briskly towards the action. As soon as he was before her, he thrusted himself inside her mouth. He did it hard. Bucking his hips to the hilt until she could smell the sweat at his low pubic hair. It was sudden and unexpected and her gag reflex wasn’t ready. She choked mildly on the his thick cock while Brad returned behind her, scuffling to position himself beside Ken, who was deep in her pussy, to get a piece of the penetrating action, he forced his cock into her asshole without priming it. She screamed,

“Oh Brad, go slow, my ass burns.”

Brad withdrew his cock and spat on it. He re-entered her with just the head.

“How’s that?” Brad asked.

“Go deeper.” She requested.

He didn’t budge, just kept the head of the cock right at her hole. And Ken was fucking into her pussy fast and hard and bareback. Katrina was now rubbing on her pussy, she couldn’t help it.

Pauline felt Brad gripping into her ass cheek tight and she knew he was taking hold to fuck her roughly now. Ken was still fucking her pussy hard and deep with every thrust. Brad began pumping furiously into her asshole. It was as if she could feel only a thin bridge of skin separating both cocks as they ravaged both her holes.

Katrina rubbed herself harder imagining what that must feel like to have both men fucking both holes at once. The harder Ken went into her pussy the harder Brad went in her ass and it was as if it was a competition between both sexy guys to see who can fuck her holes the hardest and who will cum first inside her.

Both holes were being fucked so hard now they were making some heat. Pauline let out a passionate scream. But that didn’t stop them from fucking her. Ken was now gripping in her hair and pulling it back roughly, causing her neck to bend back. As everyone watched Pauline closed her eyes and got lost in the moment. Katrina had now subconsciously slipped a finger inside her wet wanting hole and was fingering herself as she watched the threesome continue.

Pauline raised her left leg so that Katrina could see how both huge cocks were penetrating her and it was nothing less than incredible. Katrina couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted cock, no cocks. But since she couldn’t join, in as it was against the rules of the House of Decadence, she decided to do it the only way she knew to now. Drink it off. Lame, but it was her only option.


There was a whole bottle of whiskey on the table beside Katrina and she helped herself to it. The rest of the guys were turned on like crazy. But the rules of the night were, no more than three guys, they had no other choice but to watch and embrace it. “I want both of you in my pussy… can you do that for me?” Pauline asked in between breaths and the other guys in the room instantly started stroking their cock harder..

Both guys seemed impressed with the idea and they didn’t waste any more time. Brad lay on the clean and fuzzy carpet and stroked his cock right before Pauline came over and lay on top of him and started kissing him passionately with her ass still raised up for Ken to penetrate her. She felt Ken’s initial penetration into her. Once Ken already inside of her, she went ahead and settled on Brads well-toned body. She then felt the stretch of Ken shifting his cock as high up in her pussy as he could. She felt the strain of his hard cock at the roof of her vagina as he tried to make way for Brad to cram in his cock alongside his.

It was now Brad’s time to stuff his hard cock inside the same pussy. Katrina was really scared Pauline would hurt herself, two cocks inside her at once was a massive take she thought. She stopped drinking and watched.

But Pauline didn’t look as though she was scared at all. As a matter of fact, the expression on her face suggested that she was more than ready to take both cocks up her pussy and that alone made Katrina look forward too.

Brad carefully fit his cock inside Pauline’s vagina. Even though both cocks fit in it looked as though they were going to tear her up into two. Her entrance was stretched tight and thin. Thankfully, they were very careful and fucked her as gently as they could at first. After a few minutes of fucking and them can’t controlling their thrust anymore, going harder and faster both at the same time, Pauline told them to stop for a moment for it was rather too tight. Only a second later, she told them to continue doing her but gently.

After about five minutes, both cocks were sliding in and out of her, drawing lots of sticky vagina juice with them. One of the girls who was juxtapose from where Katrina was sitting was really having a difficult time keeping her horniness in check, so she started rubbing her clit openly, then stuffing three fingers, then four into her hole, as if imitating the stretching fuck Katrina was receiving. She then took a moments to lick her four fingers before shoving them right back in.

She took the attention from Pauline for a moment but she lost everyone as soon as Pauline was twisting and screaming in a huge orgasm.

The orgasm was so violent that her pussy throbbed and spurt a mixture of semen and vaginal fluid all over the clean carpet. The act of decadence made Katrina go over the edge and removed her skirt and started playing with her cunt openly, knowing nobody gave a damn about whatever the other was doing.

Everyone thought that Pauline and the guys were done with their threesome, but that wasn’t the case.


Only Brad and herself had the pleasure of having an orgasm. But as far as Ken was concerned, he still was fresh and needed to cum before they were done. By the way, This was in accordance to the rules of the night also.

“Baby, I want you to fuck me in the ass again…can you do that?” Pauline begged seductively as she grabbed a handful of Ken’s testicles in her hand. Ken couldn’t breath because of that, the only thing he could do was gave a nod in approval.

Right away, Ken was pushed onto the fuzzy carpet and Pauline climbed onto his long and hard erection.

“Hand me some lube Katrina.” Pauline said as she stretched her hand towards her  Knowing her ass was really tender know from Ken’s previous rough take.

Katrina was so into the moment that she wasn’t even aware that there was a bottle of lube right in front of her. She threw glances everywhere before her eyes landed on the bottle. She passed it over quickly then returned to fingering her cunt, which was dripping now and trickled along the inner side of her thighs. Watching the threesome, right there, so close, with her best friend was such a major turn-on that Katrina made a solemn vow to always follow her friend to such parties and maybe, just maybe, one of these fine days they were going to have an encounter like no other. If the rules of the night permitted.

Once Pauline got a hold of the lube, she applied it to her ass ensuring that she could handle Kens large cock.

Almost as soon as  Ken slid his cock into her tight little ass, she knew she couldn’t withstand a long pounding from him. He was just too big and his cock made it in just too deep. Soon she felt his cock began to twitch inside her, pulsing and jumping as he trusted deep into her from behind. She could feel a slight tremor in his body and knew he was about to explode. Ken got rougher and rougher with his fuck into her ass. She couldn’t withstand it anymore. Even though she tried her very best to withstand it just until he came it was now unbearable, every second felt like an hour long. As she began withdrawing herself he began to explode, she tried to pull herself away and he gripped her and trusted deeper emptying his seed inside her anally. On finally realizing that he was actually cumming she braced and forced her ass backward on him and took it down to the hilt in, squashing her butt flat against his pelvis. Ken made a loud monster groan as he had a massive climax with all his friends watching.

The decadent night finally came to an end and the more exclusive party members got the alcohols opened. Now that they had stuck by the rules of the night and had their orgies together, it was about time for them to have a good time.

Katrina was the happiest of them all and needless to say, she looked forward to the next party where she could have two cocks stuffed in her tight vagina. She just couldn’t get enough of the fun!

Or maybe three cocks!

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