Nude japanese office girl at work


A standard character in BDSM fiction is the office slave. And there are tons of office slave movies. However, most of them quickly degenerate into the usual porn movies – there is no convincing depiction of the actual day-to-day work of an office slave. This clip fills this gap! While there is no real hanky-panky going on, the naked office secretary is seen fulfilling a standard array of office jobs while being mostly ignored by her male co-workers. This is the true life of an office slave.

The movie appears to be an amateur production (but well done) and therefore, thankfully, uncensored. The Chinese/Kanji subtitles indicate that this was a regular secretary’s last work day at her old job and she wanted to make this movie to fulfill one of her regular office fantasies before leaving for good. Clearly, he co-workers did not object! In fact, I wish I knew how/where to hire such staff!


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