Kneeling stool

kneeling stool bondage

Penny is a total freak, one who’s become utterly obsessed with the submissive lifestyle. The 28 year old receptionist was not without brains either- she found me by posting an ad asking to interview doms for a book. I answered, and a few weeks later we met for drinks and my ‘interview’. Only then did she reveal that she was in fact a woman achingly curious to experience real submission. Apologizing for her subterfuge, with genuine sincerity she quickly offered her bottom for punishment. “Take me home, spank me, do crazy things to me, teach me – please” she’d begged. And so, back at my home & securely bound to the kneeling stool, the lovely Penny was about to get everything she begged for – starting with a through spanking all the way thru to my hard cock buried deep inside her willing flesh.


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