Duct tape struggle

teen bondage duct tape

Just a few hours ago, she was running errands for her boss. Now, this secretary was an abductee, tied brutally tight and gagged with her own wadded up pantyhose in her mouth, sealed in with electrical tape.

The room was deafeningly silent. She only heard her own nose breathing. She was naked and scared, a pretty little prize for her captor.

She jumped and yelped a muffled yelp when the deadbolt in the door clanked open. The solid core door groaned against its hinges as it slowly opened. Her captor emerged in the doorway, wearing combat boots, a blackout mask and nothing else. He held a ka-bar knife in one hand and hypodermic needle in the other.

She freaked out when he started walking towards her. Her breathing was fast and shallow. She squirmed against her brutally tight ropes to no avail. He descended on her like a hawk, sticking the needle in her thigh. She screamed through her gag as the cold liquid crawled through her veins like arctic spiders. He captor removed the needle and stood over her commandingly with arms crossed, waiting.

Within a minute, she was a shell of her former self. Her eyes were glazed, her conscious null and viod, her fight completely gone. She was fully aware of her terrifying situation…but she didn’t care.

She felt and cared nothing when her captor pressed her face into the floor and pulled her hips up, exposing her pristine young cunt. She was apathetic when his thick cock began violated her. She was indifferent when he thrust away with brutish speed. When his tidal wave of hot seed filled her cunt, she felt only warmth inside her. When the cum and cunt juice oozed from her and pooled onto the floor, her captor grabbed her by her hair and ground her face into it. He left her there, a sore and sticky mess as the drugs wore off and she smelled and tasted his conquest inside and on her.

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