Days of captivity

teen blonde duct tape bondage

Day 1 of captivity :

I tied her to the bed with chains and handcuffs with a big ball gag in her mouth. Then… She spent six hours with a vibrator inside her and a butt plug in her ass… She came many times in the white cotton panties she were still wearing.

Day 2 of captivity :

After some time to rest in the night… She woke up and I cutted the panties from her body and removed the ball gag from her mouth to stuff them with these dirty wet panties that I sealed in place with microfoam tape . Then… I Tied her on a chair where a hitachi wand was perfectly tied to tease her clit and plugged into the wall running. On the seat of the chair was the black scarf I hided my face in while I abducted her. She stayed like that for 6 hours again and rested

Day 3 of captivity :

After again some rest in few restraints, She then woke up like that. Gagged with the taste of her dirty panties and now the taste of the scarves she made very very wet yesterday. You want to know the crazy part? She is wet right now without any stimulation… The whore loves that

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