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She came over

She came over broke into my house to steal a priceless watch I came from behind and knocked her out I stripped her naked and tied her up when she got unconscious she quickly...

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Bondage games

We had I little bet if I win on poker she would strip and she would let me tie her up we played and she lost so she stripped and I tied her up...

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Blonde MILF in chains

I told her sorry babe I was told to kidnap you and make you disappear but I have a deal for you. I told her then she will listen to everything I tell you...

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Teen girl tied to chair

* I A-M S-E-R-I-O-U-S Y-O-U  R-E-T-A-R-D  M-O-M  T-I-E-D  M-E  T-O  T-H-I-S  C-H-A-I-R  I-N  M-Y  R-O-O-M  S-O  I  W-O-U-L-D  S-T-U-D-Y  H-E-L-P  M-E*  

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Abducted schoolgirls

“Technology made life so much easier. A few years ago a rapist would have had to be really well planned to abduct two sexy school girls like that. These days it’s easy. You broke...