Alpha Billionaire Menage

The Billionaire Deception

Adam swore he was going to throw away his cell phone if it rang one more time. He was tired of hearing about the business and money. It was like the more money he had, the less time there was for him to actually enjoy life. At only 35 he was already a billionaire ad he could retire if he wanted to. However, he enjoyed the chaise too much. It was not even about the money for him. He felt the same way about women. He loved to try his luck with any woman he found attractive. He did not care if she was married or not. If he wanted something, he had it. After he had sex with them he soon lost interest. He wanted something new, exciting and hard to get again. What Adam loved more than anything was the excitement. If a woman was too accessible, he didn’t find her interesting no matter how gorgeous she looked.

No wonder he was still single even with his good looks. Adam was tall, he had black hair and dark eyes. The fact that he worked out three times per week didn’t hurt either. Women of all ages blushed every time he made eye contact. He was used to have the power and he needed a woman who could handle him. With over 300 people working for him, Adam spent all day long giving orders. In the bedroom he loved a woman who could take charge. It was the only place he could let go of everything. His biggest turn on was seeing how wet he could make a woman and helping her reach the most intense orgasm. If she showed him how much she enjoyed it, he could almost cum without being touched.

After more than ten hours of work, he was finally getting ready to go home. His secretary stopped him before he left:

“Don’t forget about the interview you have tomorrow morning. You have to be here early. The reporter will come to your office.”

“Ah…is that tomorrow? Okay, thanks Cathy, you can go home too. So sorry I kept you this late. Apologies to your husband.”

He probably should had apologized from her husband last month when he had sex with her in his office. Cathy was in the wrong place at the right moment. The wrong place was his office, and the right moment was a day when he was extremely horny. She bent over to pick up a pen and this was enough for him. He grabbed her middle and pulled her towards him while pressing his hard cock on her body. Adam knew she had a crush on him, just like any other women he came in contact with. This is why it didn’t take any convincing for her to cheat on her husband. It was enough to feel his hard cock pressing on her body.

Her wet pussy was aching for him and she couldn’t resist. He bent her over the desk and without any foreplay or warning, he pushed his hard cock deep inside her. There was no need for a foreplay any way, she was very wet already. Kathy always thought of herself as the romantic type. She thought that she preferred to make slow love in a romantic room rather than being fucked hard and fast on a desk. That evening she realized that she was wrong.

Nothing else happened between them since then. Kathy hoped that meant the beginning of a long affair but the next day he acted like nothing even happened. It was business as usual. She was the secretary and he was the boss. She was disappointed about that. Kathy already fantasized that he would ask her to leave her husband to be with him. Maybe he would even marry her someday. All her dreams were crushed the next morning when he didn’t even look at her while asking if he had any massages. She spent a few minutes crying in the bathroom. When she got back to her work space, her makeup was as perfect as her smile. She did not want to be just another girl crying and begging for his love. She was sure he would ask her to be his girlfriend soon enough. Kathy had a special relationship with him. She was not just his secretary. She knew every little detail of his life and he always asked her for advice. This had to mean something. So she decided to be patient and keep her hopes up. She was even ready to leave her family for a man like him.


Ana was a young journalist and she couldn’t believe her luck when she was assigned to interview the young billionaire, Adam Jones. She was extremely nervous because this was a real breakthrough in her career. She spent hours picking out her outfit. She wanted to look professional and sexy at the same time. Ana knew her slim body always helps her when dealing with men. All she had to do was pick something that showed the shape of her full breasts. If this didn’t work, her perfectly round ass never let her down.

Of course she could count on her professional skills too. Her boss chose her from a team of 10 journalists, all of them much older and with more experience than her. Since her boss was a straight woman, she was sure her looks did not matter in this case. This made her feel good about herself. Now she wanted to obtain from Adam more personal answers. She didn’t want the typical boring interview.

People wanted to know the dirt. Readers loved a little scandal and she was decided to find out some interesting things about him. Ana was going to do anything to get the right answers from him. She wasn’t above sleeping with someone to get ahead in her professional life. From what she saw on TV and in newspapers, he was very good looking. The thought that she might sleep with him to get some interesting interview answers, made her panties really wet. Ana was so excited and horny that she almost had to touch herself in the taxi, on the way to his office. She didn’t do it only because the cab driver could see her.

As soon as the secretary looked her, she knew Adam was going to like her. She was just his type. She was jealous but she couldn’t help admire the beautiful woman standing in front of her. Ana saw her analyzing her and she wasn’t surprised at all. She had that effect on women. This is also why she did not have any female friends. The women around her were too scared their men would fall in love with her. They also didn’t trust the way she smiled and touched their arms while talking to their husbands. It was like her naughty smile and full lips were inviting them to explore her hot body. Most of the time she wasn’t even aware of her charm. It was all natural and she had that special something that drove men nuts. She didn’t even need to use a lot of makeup. Most of the time she only used some lip gloss. It took her a few minutes to get ready and she looked better than any woman on the street.

Ana had to wait ten minutes until Adam was ready to receive her.

“Hello, I..I am from the “News Today”. My name is Ana.” She said while cursing herself. She was not the shy type and this was the first time she was feeling so nervous when talking to a man. But he was no ordinary man. He was a billionaire and he looked like a Greek statue. He has tall and she could see he was working out. His muscles were visible even through his shirt. His dark eyes made her knees weak. All she wanted to do was to get her clothes off and let him deep inside her. The fact that she didn’t had sex in a while didn’t help either. She was so horny that she could hardly control herself.

“Nice to meet you, Ana. Please take a sit.” He said while giving her one of his breathtaking smiles.

The Interview

Adam’s cock reacted instantly as soon as he saw her. She was petite, slim and with sexy curves. The young journalist was exactly his type. She was wearing a professional dress suit but his expert eyes could see she had no bra under there. Her jacket was unbuttoned and her nipples were visible through her white shirt. Adam made a real effort to look away from her breasts to her eyes. He knew it wasn’t polite but they were like a magnet.

“So, let’s begin. Is it true that you were involved in a sexual scandal with the wife of your ex business partner? Is this the reason why you are not working together anymore?”

“Well, I was under the impression this interview will be strictly about the business. This is my personal life. I am not sure I feel comfortable talking about that episode in my life.”

She took him by surprise. This was something he thought was a secret. Apparently people talk and they love gossip. A couple of years back, he had an affair with his business partner’s wife. He was not only his business partner. He was also his best friend and they never spoke since. It was a stupid mistake and he was still feeling guilty about it. To his defense, she was the one coming on to him. They were alone once in his apartment. His friend was supposed to meet her there for dinner but his plane got delayed. Adam was forced to have dinner alone with her. They talked and had a little too much to drink. When she unbuttoned his shirt and started to kiss her way down to his cock, he was helpless. She sucked his cock and that was it. He refused to go on after that. As a man, it was a selfish thing to do to a woman but by then he was sobering up and realizing the mistake he just did. He asked her to leave. Adam was the one who confessed to his friend. They got divorced and he didn’t want to see Adam ever again.

“I can see you need a little more convincing.” She said while slowly biting her lower lip and spreading her legs. From where he was standing, he could clearly see she was wearing no panties. Since he was wearing no underwear either, his cock looked like it made a tent in his pants. He wanted her and there was no doubt she was inviting him to take her right then.

“Hmm… I would like to see how you can convince me.” He said while standing up and coming close to her.

While she was still sitting, he kneeled in front of her and raised her skirt for more access. Now her shaved pussy was open and exposed to him. He could not stop himself and he started to explore it with his tongue. The intense sensation made her shiver all over. Her hips were moving on the chair, rubbing herself on his face. She normally closed her eyes during sex but now she loved to see his beautiful head pleasuring her. From time to time he was looking up at her face and this drove her crazy. He loved to see what an effect his mouth had on her. It gave him a sense of power stronger than money ever could. Knowing that he can drive a woman so crazy with desire and making her cum on his tongue, got him so hard that he could cum in his pants. However, he controlled himself. He still had some more exploring to do. As soon as she moaned, he knew she reached climax. He then got her up with her legs around him. While holding her buttocks, he entered that moist tunnel with his cock.

Her back was pressing against the wall while he pushed deep inside her. Ana had to bite her lower lip to hold back her scream. He increased his speed until both of them came almost at the same time. After they finished, he called Kathy for some coffee. Ana was still pulling down her skirt when she got in with the coffee. Of course she heard everything. She was expecting this and as usually, it made her incredibly wet. Since there were no people waiting in the lobby, she was waiting for them to finish. Hearing their moans made her pussy ache with desire. She pushed her legs together trying to squeeze her wetness and stop the longing. That was a big mistake though. The pressure made her lose control. While sitting on her chair, her ass was moving slowly. She was masturbating without even using her hands. Her face got all red while rubbing herself on the chair. Her panties got so wet and she knew she had to throw them away before she left the office. When she heard Ana screaming while she came, she could feel her own intense orgasm taking over her. Her pussy rubbed the chair faster and faster until she trembled with relief. When she got in with the coffee, she looked like she just had sex with them too. Her knees were still a little weak and her face was red.

“Don’t forget you have another meeting at 10.” Kathy said before she closed the door.

“I am so sorry Ana, can we do this interview tomorrow? I promise I will answer all your questions. Even the ones about my private life.”

“Deal!” She said with a big smile on her face.

She got all she wanted. As soon as she saw him, there were no doubts in her mind. She was going to have sex with him. He looked even better in real life. She wanted him even if he refused to answer her questions. The fact that he promised to answer them the next day, was a bonus. Now she had the chance to see him again too.

The Girlfriend of a Billionaire

As he promised, Adam answered all her questions. He figured it was time to let people know he was not perfect. It was also a way for him to make amends for his mistake. The interview got on the first page and Ana received all the credit. That was a turning point in her career but also in her personal life. Adam asked to see her again and he realized he was falling in love for the first time in his life. It was more than sex between them. Ana was the first woman he could actually talk to. They had a lot of fun together and in less than three months they moved in together. This was a huge change for Ana too. She never had such a serious relationship before and she never lived with a man.

Adam was everything she wanted and she could not be happier. However, she worried that Adam would soon get bored of her. She knew his reputation and she also knew that he always needed excitement in his life. This is how she came up with the idea.

“Honey, I want us to do something fun and exciting in the bedroom.”

 “Ow? I was under the impression that our sex life is already fun and exciting!” He said pretending to be sad.

“It is, but I want to spice things up.”

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”

“How about a mange a trois?”

He could not believe his ears. He had three-some experiences before but it was with women he never met again. The thought of seeing Ana getting pleasured by another hot woman made him crazy with desire.

“Woman, you are like a dream come true! Do you have somebody in mind? I leave that up to you since you will do most of the work with her any way. I will help too but just the thought of watching you two makes me really hard.”

“How about your secretary, Kathy? I find her really attractive.” She said while giving him one of her naughtiest smiles.

“That’s a great choice!”

Ménage a Trois

Since Ana started a relationship with Adam, Kathy lost all her hopes. She started to make peace with the idea that Adam will never be hers. However, she could not stay married with her husband any longer. She realized that he did not make her happy and she filed for divorce. She was now single and hornier than ever. When Ana came to her with the proposal, she could not be happier. It was her first menage experience and she found both of them very hot.

“I want to ask you something and please, feel free to say no if you think I am out of line. I want to invite you to have sex with us. Would you like this?” Asked Ana.

“What? Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun! Yes, I would love this!”

The two girls were giggling with excitement. Adam was watching from his office window and his cock was twitching with anticipation. The girls set up a date. Adam was counting the minutes until Kathy came at their place. Ana was also very excited. She knew she was straight but at the same time, the thought of being touched by a woman made her hot.

When Kathy finally arrived, Ana was already naked on the bed. Adam was sitting in his chair by the window. He wanted to let the girls on their own first and just enjoy the show for a few minutes. Kathy wasted no time and got her clothes off too. She kneeled on the bed next to Ana, giving Adam an amazing view of her ass. As she bent over to reach for Ana’s nipples, her wet pussy was in the air making Adam really hard. She sucked each of Ana’s nipples, sending shivers of pleasure all over her body. Ana was exploring Kathy’s body too. She loved to feel her firm body and tight ass. When Kathy got with her lips between her legs, Ana was breathing really hard. She felt like she exercised for two hours. Adam could not resist any longer and he removed his pants. He then came behind Kathy and got inside her inviting pussy. She moaned with please but she did not stop licking Ana’s pussy.

As Adam was moving faster, so was Kathy’s tongue around Ana’s clitoris. The two girls came at the same time. It was Adam’s time to get spoiled. Ana kissed him on the lips while Kathy bent over and took his hard cock deep inside her mouth. The sensations were very intense for Adam. He had two gorgeous women doing everything to give him pleasure. When he warned the girls he was about to cum, Ana asked him to spray it on both of their boobs. He did not wait to be asked again. They were both kneeling in front of him and he shared his seed all over their breasts. It was a view he knew he was going to use whenever he plaid with himself. Who needs porn with a memory like this?

They took a few minutes to recharge their batteries with some cocktails. None of them put their clothes back on. It was a nude party. It didn’t take long for the girls to start making out again. It started with a hot kiss and then it was Ana’s turn to taste Kathy’s wet treasure. As she was enjoying her hot feast, Adam took her from behind just like he did earlier with Kathy. He was ready to go again. This time Kathy came first. Ana’s skillful tongue made her lose all control. Adam kept fucking his girlfriend until they both came again too.


The experience with the two women was amazing for Adam. He was hoping that things could get back to normal the next day but he should had known better. He knew better than anyone how complicated women could be. Kathy was now single and very much in love with him. He could see it in her eyes every time he spoke to her at the office. At home he had no peace because Ana was starting to feel insecure and jealous. She was able to see too that Adam meant a lot to Kathy. She was now worried that Adam might leave her for Kathy. This is how a hot night turned into a nightmare. Adam loved Ana very much but he couldn’t calm her fears. He told her that if he wanted a relationship with Kathy he could have had it long time ago.

Ana was the first woman who succeeded to make him start a serious relationship and this should mean something to her. She knew his reputation and could see how much he changed. However, she did not like knowing there was another woman who loved him too. Worst of all, he was seeing that woman every single day. Actually he spent more time at the office than at home with her. Adam told her that he needed to work a lot of hours because he had many responsibilities. He also refused to fire Kathy because it just didn’t seem fair to him. In the end, he threatened to leave Ana if she did not stop with her jealousy. It was getting to be too much for him.

After a couple of months, Ana was finally starting to show signs that she trusted Adam. Their peace quickly ended when Kathy gave them the big announcement. She was pregnant! This broke Ana’s heart because she knew how much Adam wanted to have a child. They had this discussion many times before. He said that he needs to have someone to work for. What good was all his fortune if there was no child to inherit it? Ana kept postponing the moment, saying she was not ready to start trying for a baby yet. She thought she had all the time in the world. Now there was another woman carrying his child and she was in love with him too.

Adam had a big sense of responsibility and he knew he had to make an important choice. Kathy was the mother of his child and he knew what that meant. He grew up without a father and he didn’t want this for his kid. It wasn’t an easy choice because he really loved Ana. Kathy meant nothing to him.

The Billionaire’s Choice

To leave him some time to think, Ana decided to move out. She did not want to influence his decision. He loved him very much and she knew it was not his fault Kathy got pregnant. She did not want him to blame her later for not being with his child. She moved back to her apartment and she hoped Adam will choose her in the end. She was even ready to have his child and do anything to make him happy. Ana only hoped it was not too late.

While Ana backed out and was planning to play fair, Kathy was doing the exact opposite. She knew this was her chance to get Adam for good. It was all or nothing. The truth was that Kathy thought for a few days that she was pregnant. This made her incredibly happy because even though she had no desire to have a child, she was definitely ready to have a billionaire’s child. When she discovered it was only a false alarm, it was too late to back out. Ana already moved out and it was the perfect opportunity to make Adam fall in love. She thought that by the time he realized there was going to be no baby, it would be too late.

It took Adam one week to decide and it was not what Ana hoped for. As a billionaire, he learned to be very responsible. He ignored his feelings for Ana and told her that he was going to be with Kathy and his baby. They both cried and hugged good bye. When Ana came to pick up the rest of her stuff, he kissed her and they ended up in the bedroom.

“Just one more time, I want to have you one more time before you leave…” He said while kissing her all over.

They made love all night long and the next morning she left before he even woke up. Ana hated goodbyes and this was the best way. Kathy did not waste any time and she moved in the very next day.

“Let’s get married, I don’t want to have a big belly at the wedding.”

“Okay, whatever you want, just setup a date but please, don’t make it a big wedding.”

She did not like the small wedding remark but she would had done anything to become his wife as soon as possible. The wedding was just a party. Kathy could not believe her luck. She was going to be a billionaire and have that incredibly sexy man in her bed every night for the rest of her life. Kathy was aware of the fact that Adam would figure it out soon. He was a smart man. However, she planned to tell him it was an early miscarriage. In the meantime, she tried really hard to get pregnant for real. At the office she cleared his agenda and locked herself in the office with him. They had sex on his desk almost every day. For Adam it was just a way to relief tension. When he closed his eyes it was Ana’s hot body he saw. When he sucked her nipples, he imagined it was Ana’s moans he was hearing. He missed everything about her but he knew there was no way back. The wedding was scheduled in less than two weeks.

Many times he looked at her number only to shut off his cell. Adam knew it wasn’t fair to her if he was calling or asked to see her. Nothing could happen between them and he needed to allow her to get over him. She had the right to be happy with another man. The thought of someone else making love to her drove him crazy.

One day, Kathy felt very dizzy and he forced her to go to a hospital. Turns out there was nothing wrong with her. It was just a busy day at the office and she didn’t had any time to eat. While they were there, Adam had a strange feeling. Without letting her hear, he asked the doctor to test her blood for pregnancy too. When the doctor called with the results, he made sure to answer the phone. When he heard she was in fact not pregnant, he was very angry. After he calmed down, he decided that just telling her was not enough. She deserved to be punished for all the unhappiness he cause to him and Ana.

That night he told Kathy he had a business meeting outside the city and he wasn’t going to sleep home. She offered to come with him but he refused. He asked her to rest because she could not risk losing the baby. As soon as he left the house, he called Ana to let her know he had something important to talk to her. She had no idea what he was about to say to her but she missed him very much. As soon as he got in she jumped into his arms and started to kiss him. He told her everything and asked her not to say a thing to Kathy.

They both agreed that the best punishment was to let her think the wedding will go on as planned. Adam kneeled and asked Ana to marry him. It was the happiest moment of her life. They decided to get married on the same date Adam’s wedding with Kathy was planned. What the guests and even the fake bride did not know was that Ana was going to be his wife. Ana had only a few days to prepare herself. She bought a simple white dress and invited her parents.

The Wedding

It was the wedding day and Kathy was very excited. She could not wait for the ceremony to be over and start spending his money. She refused to sign a prenuptial agreement and Adam did not insist. For her it was like winning the lottery. Lately she wasn’t even sure if it was real love she felt for Adam. There was a time when she thought so. Now he was just her lottery ticket and a hot man. She thought love was overrated any way. Who needs it when you have all the money in the world? This is what she was thinking as she was walking down the aisle. Adam was looking like a billion bucks. He had a huge smile on his face. As she got closer, another bride stepped near him and took her place. Kathy stopped cold. She could not believe her eyes. It was Ana, looking more beautiful than ever. Adam turned to Kathy and said:

 “I know everything Kathy, you lied to us and this is what you deserve. I am getting married today but not to you. I am marrying the woman I love.”

Kathy was speechless and so were the guests. She turned around and left the church as fast as she could. The priest looked very confused too.

“Should I go on?”

“Yes, I am getting married today!” Said Adam.

After the wedding, Kathy was fired too. She didn’t expect anything different any way. She was furious that Ana was now his wife but there was nothing she could do.

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